A warm summer evening by the sea and an ‘oude kriek’ from Hanssens Artisanaal from the 2000s. My first experience with lambic.

Finally a beer that I like, immediately the start of a long journey of discovery into the world of Lambic, less than 40 km from my hometown.

In 2012 I became acquainted with natural wine and more and more I came up with the idea of producing something myself. In the summer of 2016 I was able to purchase my first lambic and I started processing fruit.

Lambic and apricots, a match made in heaven!

After a few years of experimenting in the kitchen, in 2018 there was the possibility of starting a mini blendery in the cellar, and the possibility of aging beer in oak barrels.

This gave the possibility of producing beer on a slightly larger scale and bringing something to the market. Time will tell…

Why the name Bofkont (lucky dog in English)? After a while the project needed a name. Easier said than done. Had I not cleaned up the attic in that period…

In short in that period I come across my stuffed animal from my childhood, a dog named BOFKONT! And I also consider myself a lucky person that I can work with such a beautiful beer like lambic!

What the future will bring, we will see!